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Arduino (Price-2000 INR)

From Basics to Mastery: Unlock the Power of Arduino. This comprehensive course guides you through practical applications of programming concepts in embedded systems, enabling you to create 10+ projects with the potential for over 100 more..

IoT(Price-3000 INR)

Unleash the Potential of IoT with ESP32: Master Wireless Communication, Sensor Integration, and Cloud Connectivity for Cutting-Edge IoT Solutions.

Autonomous &Wireless Robotics (Price-2500INR)

Embark on a Journey into Autonomous and Wireless Robotics: Learn to Build, Program, and Control Robots with Cutting-Edge Technology. Our Course Equips You with the Skills to Create Robots that Navigate and Interact with the World Independently.

Our Other Services

Embedded System

Price-3500 Rupees

Discover the World of Embedded Systems with Arduino: Dive into the Core of Electronics and Programming. Learn to Design and Implement Smart, Efficient Systems for Real-World Applications.


Price-3000 Rupees

Unlock the Power of Java with Our Comprehensive Courses: From Fundamentals to Advanced Concepts, Master the Language Behind Web Development, Mobile Apps, and Enterprise Software Solutions.

Web Development

Price-4000 Rupees

Empower Your Web Development Journey with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Learn to Create Stunning Websites and Dynamic Web Applications. Our Courses Cover Everything from Frontend Design to Backend.

App Development

Price-4000 Rupees

Embark on Your App Development Journey: Learn to Build Engaging and Functional Applications for Mobile and Web Platforms. Our Courses Cover App Design, Development, and Deployment Across iOS, Android, and Web Environments.

We are Technology Company

Our Company Has Delivered Cutting-Edge Robotics and Embedded Systems Training to Prestigious Institutions like IIT Bombay and NIT Arunachal, Empowering Students with Skills for the Future.

Empowering Learners, Inspiring Innovators: Techglaz Labs .

“Founder & CEO of Techglaz Lab Pvt. Ltd., is a distinguished leader with a strong track record. Recognized by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and invited by KIO University, Japan, he has excelled in robotics, winning gold at the World Skill Day competition and topping the Inspire Awards and many State and National Competition. Nishant’s commitment to innovation is evident through his participation in the Japan Sakura Science Programme .”

Nishant Kumar

Why Choose Us


  • Our team is robotics champion who delivers best workshop with   their deep knowledge of robotics and automation



With 80% of our students rating our training with 5 stars, Techglaz Lab Pvt. Ltd. demonstrates its commitment to professionalism and excellence in education. This high satisfaction rate reflects our dedication to delivering top-quality training and support to our students

we provide high quality kits


Techglaz Lab Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing lifelong support to its students, ensuring their continued growth and success beyond the classroom.


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